Title lvledit: map as widget to access obst. compositions
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Author: tracker_migration Date: 2011-04-02   16h38
Submitted by matthiaskrgr
The idea is to have some widget that makes obstacle groups accessible as if they were single obstacles.
When you select several obstacles, you could pull them into the widget and they are saved there. Having various of these obstacles saved in your widget, you can plant one group (4 obstacles for example at the same time) with one click and easily switch between different groups. As soon one clicks on the map having such a group selected, the single obstacles are planted onto the map as singe obstacles (but in the positions according to the group) This 'group' behaves as single obstacles again which can be pulled around/removed etc...
Author: tracker_migration Date: 2011-04-03   12h05
Posted by matthiaskrgr
This would also fix z-ordering issues with long obstacles near walls, if we split them up into several ones I think.
Author: tracker_migration Date: 2011-04-03   12h22
Posted by matthiaskrgr
This could also solve the problem with the current  one-collrect per obstacle issue for door.

We could make one door two obstacles (one visible and one invisible) and add two colrects to each door frame pillar. 
Author: tracker_migration Date: 2011-04-09   13h17
Posted by ahuillet
I think what you request can be seen as a way to save the current clipboard to restore it later. This sounds quite doable to me - and since we may have a leveleditor GSoC project it will fit perfectly!
Author: tracker_migration Date: 2011-04-14   14h44
Posted by matthiaskrgr
Uploaded two small sketches.
Author: salimiles Date: 2011-11-15   21h41
Matthias' sketches did not make the tracker transition.
Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2013-10-08   22h08
re-made screenshot. The new table "Obstacle" would consist of the 4 table obstacles.

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