Title hacked 302 not slowed down by hostile 249
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Submitted on 2011-08-01 09h18 by matthiaskrgr, last changed by salimiles.

Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2011-08-01   09h18
I hacked a 302 and it was attacking a 249 (moving towards it). The 249 fired at
it, but the 302 wasn't slowed down by the 249s bullets. Usually bots are slowed
down if they are being hit.

Author: salimiles Date: 2011-11-01   16h43
This is because the 249 bot does 1 damage (see map/item_archtypes.dat).

According to lines 997-1006 of src/enemy.c, only hits that do greater than 5% of
the max target health have a chance to stun. So a 302 (with max hp of 30) cannot
be stunned by this. Bots like the 296 Sawmill (max hp 300) will rarely be stunned.

A 249 bot therefore can only stun bots with a max hp of less than 20.
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