Title Consistent Crashing Bug at Disruptor Base
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Linked issues SIGSEGV in access tunnel for shield control
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Submitted on 2012-05-12 08h45 by jesuslovesyou101, last changed by ahuillet.

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Author: jesuslovesyou101 Date: 2012-05-12   08h45
Every time I pass some invisible line while in the Disruptor Base, The whole 
game crashes and closes out. The Line is always in the same place. I have taken 
a screencast demonstarting the issue. Here is the Link on Vimeo: .  If you need Debug logs, please tell me how to get 
the logs, and I am not very savy with that sort of thing.

By the way, this is the version available in the Ubuntu 11.10 repos.

Any help would be very appreciated, As I have been unable to advance at all past 
that invisible line.

      God Bless ya guys
Author: salimiles Date: 2012-05-13   23h46
Looks like the Ubuntu Repo version is v. 0.14.1 (see: ), so a large number
of changes have happened in the year and a half since that was released (we
switched from svn->git, so it no longer is easy for me to tell you how many, but
the number of changes is in the hundreds, if not thousands).

If you would like to give us the logs, run the game from the command line (for
Ubuntu this should be 'freedroidRPG &> ~/Desktop/freedroid_log.txt', and the
file should appear on your desktop).

Also, you might try attaching a copy of the saved game (in ~/.freedroid/), so we
can see if there is a problem there.
Author: jesuslovesyou101 Date: 2012-05-16   02h36
Trying to attach the log file and saved game now.
Author: jesuslovesyou101 Date: 2012-05-16   02h52
Hmmmm Can't seem to get the file attachment thing here to work. So I put them up
on Ubuntu One. :)

Log File:

by the way, the terminal said there was a Segmentation Fault. Case that isn't in
the log.

And here's the saved game:

I zipped the whole .freedroid_rpg folder cause I wasn't sure which thing was the
saved game.

Let me know if there's anything more I can do. And is there a way to turn on
email subscriptions to bugs here? I just so happened to wanna check and see if I
could add more to the report today. And seen your reply.
Author: jesuslovesyou101 Date: 2012-05-16   03h36
Odd, the Log file is actually empty and is listed as Zero bytes both on my
computer and Ubuntu One. And its not letting me download it from Ubuntu One. Is
this normal?
Author: joseph Date: 2012-05-16   13h35
I guess bug 454 is the same issue.
Author: joseph Date: 2012-05-17   23h40
Indeed, it's the same problem as in bug 454.

The savegames are from 0.14.1 and are corrupted in the same way as the ones from
bug 454. There are negative obstacle types at level 14:
  t-767 x52.50 y23.50
  t-767 x52.50 y32.50
  t-767 x3.50 y35.50

Daniel, in the attachment you can get a fixed savegame file. Copy it to your
.freedroid_rpg folder and the game should run fine.

Attached Daniel.shp.
Author: jesuslovesyou101 Date: 2012-05-18   02h54
Joseph, THANK YOU :-D That saved game file is working perfectly so far!! I'll
keep playing and report back if anything comes up. Is there anything I should do
to prevent the saved game from being corrupted again? 

Sorry for all the trouble. But I hope this at least helped ya guys get a better
understanding of bug 454. 

   God Bless all you guys/gals and your hard work!!

P.S. Congratulations with the latest update! That was quite a big one. lol
Author: joseph Date: 2012-05-19   11h56
The bug is fixed in 0.15.1. Closing.
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