Title Opening a can of bots; "bot remaining on level" bug
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Submitted on 2013-02-27 07h03 by BlackVise, last changed by salimiles.

Author: BlackVise Date: 2013-02-27   07h03
I've been cleaning all the bots on the 1st floor using shotgun and some
grenades, nothing move after that, yet the counter still 2 more bots on the
level, I've searching everywhere thoroughly (even cleaning up the second floor
too) yet I found no bots still standing, can anyone help me on this?
Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2013-02-27   16h08
Hi, thanks for the report! :)
can you please provide the savegame (on linux in ~/.freedroid_rpg .sav.gz as
well as the .shp are needed)?
I'd also like to know what eversion of the game you are using (main menu, lower
right corner)
Author: salimiles Date: 2013-05-07   02h33
I thought we recorded the version of the game the player was using in the save
game? I remember writing a patch which added this to the meta-data of any

Anyways if we don't have this recorded in our save files, we should add it.
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