Title don't be able drop gun while reloading
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Submitted on 2013-08-29 17h37 by matthiaskrgr, last changed by greg.

Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2013-08-29   17h37
It doesn't make a lot of sense to be able to drop a gun to the ground while
reloading it.
Author: greg Date: 2014-07-08   20h00
I made a review request for this.

But the HandleInventoryScreen() displays the text "You can not use the inventory
while paralyzed." if the player left click while the inventory screen is visible.
This create messages even if the left click has nothing to do with the inventory
(eg. attacking an enemy or talking to a friendly bot).
I think the checking and the messages should be done only once it is sure the
player wants to use the inventory.
This would allow more precise messages like "You can not change equipment while
paralyzed." and "You can not pick up an item while paralyzed." (Case 1.2 and 1.3)

A message for attacks not possible because Tux is busy could be added in
tux_wants_to_attack_now() in the condition checking if Tux is busy.
Author: greg Date: 2014-07-08   20h03
Also Tux can pick up items while being busy
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