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Author: Linkeys Date: 2018-07-28   17h15
Hi, I'm Carlos. I write to ask specifically, how can I remove bots? Nowhere in the map editor explains how to do this, and it's annoying because sometimes accidentally put bots but can not eliminate them. I'd like to help me with this. Greetings from Venezuela :)By the way, What happend with ?

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Author: jesusalva Date: 2018-07-29   19h52
Hello Carlos, and greetings from Brazil!

AFAIK, you can try the "undo" button. Not 
sure if that will work 

Outside map editor, you can also use cheat 
menu to kill all bots on the map.

And by last, I think you can select bots 
in a similar way as selecting floor tiles 
& obstacles work, but If I Remember 
Correctly, that didn't worked at first... 
Dah, too long without editing Maps ^^'

Any other question, fell free to ask!

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