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Submitted on 2018-09-16 10h50 by shentino, last changed by jesusalva.

Author: shentino Date: 2018-09-16   10h50
Sometimes Tux gets stuck in sprint mode.

Holding ctrl down makes him walk temporarily, but as soon as I let go, he starts 
sprinting again.  I suspect some sort of internal state and/or keystroke 
monitoring is off.
Author: jesusalva Date: 2018-09-17   00h56
It's actually the opposite way around, and 
you can toggle sprint mode by pressing "U" 

If you are on sprint mode (pressed U 
once), Ctrl will slow you down and allow 
you to recover Stamina.

Sprint mode is persistent between 
Author: jesusalva Date: 2018-12-07   15h15
No further comments on this topic, I'm assuming the problem was resolved.
(ie. I'm assuming that was a false-positive because the U key effect persist
between savefiles)

Therefore, closing the issue.
Please reopen if you believe this is not the case (and indeed, there's a bug
with the U key not working as it should).
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