Title Crash in load game
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Submitted on 2019-06-30 13h55 by Jeferson, last changed by fluzz.

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Author: Jeferson Date: 2019-06-30   13h55
quando carrego o jogo ele desliga sozinho

Attached Thomas.sav.gz.
Author: fluzz Date: 2019-07-01   10h50
Thanks for your report.
We also need the Thomas.shp file in order to be able to debug that game crash.
Author: fluzz Date: 2019-07-01   11h15
[given that this is a 1.0rc2 savegame, this report blocks the release until its
Author: fluzz Date: 2021-10-09   19h33
Without any additional info, since 3 months, we can not reproduce the crash...
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