Title Deleting input doesn't work (Backspace/navigate+delete)
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Author: fluzz Date: 2019-08-13   09h36
[Note: this issue was reported on our ReviewBoard, by David <xy77> Rekowski. Here is the transcription]

I tried to delete some input from the character name, but that wasn't possible.
macOS version downloaded today

----- Jesusalva reply -----

Hello! (By the way, you probably should use our bugtracker to report issues, available at - it should be more intuitive than this interface focused to deal with patches ;-) )

That being said, at least on Linux, this is the behavior I currently have:
1. Backspace works fine
2. You cannot use arrow keys to navigate in the text field
3. Delete, of course, don't have an effect, because note 2

In other words, you are always writing at the end of the text field, I think this apply to most if not all input fields ingame. Can you confirm that your issue is really with backspace? That would require testing.

Or, uhm, if this should be filled in some documentation piece where it haven't been written already, please report here, or on bugtracker as "minor".

If you think navigation with arrow keys should be possible, please add this to bugtracker as "feature" or "idea" group.

----- David reply -----

I can confirm this does not work with backspace nor with cmd/alt/ctrl + del or backspace.
I'd be happy to test a build that includes logging of input characters if that helps. I'm not sure I'm prepared to dive into gdb, been a long time.
I don't mind backspace being the only way to delete the last input, but it should work. You can work around that, but this is part of the first impression of the game and it would be nice to have a good experience for new users also on macOS.

OT: I still had the registration for this and I got here from the recent news article, maybe it should point to :-) I can go there to report further bugs if that is preferred.
Author: fluzz Date: 2019-08-13   09h37
I was able to confirm that issue on MacOS (Mojave).
I'll work on it.
Author: fluzz Date: 2021-10-02   20h42
Fixed by commit f4f18ecde
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