Author fluzz
Date 2011-11-07.08:25:03
On 11/07/2011 04:36 AM, salimiles - Roundup wrote:
> salimiles<>  added the comment:
>> Pressing [Esc] seems to be equal to a click and Ctrl+C in the terminal doesn't
> affect anything. (Matthias)
> Well, if the gamepad stuff had been included this would have been fixed :-)
> See which addresses it.
>> Mhh. savegames in "old" format should not be listed. (fluzz)
> It is hard to get the version of the game without loading the game file. I made
> so that the version will be at the top of the
> .shp file.

With 'old' format, I meant the one using our 'old' legacy parser.
Filename extensions were changed when the lua-based savegame has been
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