Author jesusalva
Date 2014-12-11.13:30:20
Well, I know that the game have no interest to allow multi-version-compatibility
(by example, you beat the game on 0.16, and use the 0.16 savegame to play Act 2
on 0.17)

In this case, using default values for savegames compatibility only affect Devs,
because the game automatically forbids you to try a 0.15 savegame on 0.16 release.

However, the priority was set to 'important' because the game crashes or enter
in infinite loop when loading a 'broken' (or old) savegame.

According to my analyzes, we were discussing about the crashes when loading old
save games, and that we should gray out/hide the entries that are no longer
compatible on the game. And now we are discussing about allowing the game to
load old incompatible savegames that will only have effect for DEVs.

Personally I think that this is important to prevent players/developers to
accidentally attempt to load incompatible savegames, with the other bug (which I
forgot the ID) that reports the infinite loop when loading incompatible
savegames. (not always we enter in infinite loop. And sometimes we changed
enemy* struct and have one error for bot. We have nearly 1,000 bots on the whole
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