Author jesusalva
Date 2017-11-20.17:56:41
This is strange!

An alternative IRC client can be found at
Also note that in some places you'll fail to connect if the IRC server is using
an IPv6. (Like, at my house. Oh well). Although uncommon, you can try connecting
to an IPv4-only server, like

There are desktop IRC clients, they're useful too. Please note as well that
sometimes you may be victim of a netsplit, maintenance downtime, and other
temporary network issues, including IP blacklist (specially if you are using a
Brazil IP's already got banned a couple of times, although this is usually
solved in a few hours, a couple of days at most.

As for RB register, your account already exists and was last logged in 2015.
This mean that if you try to register it'll fail because email and username,
You should try, using your own email, recover the lost password:

By last, I believe for a technical support you should have sent us an email instead.
We'll be glad to happily answer any questions there ;-)

Always your friend,
Game Content & Story Team Leader
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