Title ANIMATION: laser sword turned 180° on running anim frame
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Author: tracker_migration Date: 2010-11-12   18h01
Submitted by matthiaskrgr
The lasersword is turned around 180 degrees in one frame of the running animation if one certain direction.

screenshot attached.

revision 3427
Author: tracker_migration Date: 2011-01-27   16h00
Posted by matthiaskrgr
Is also a problem with the new model I think.

revision 3800
Author: tracker_migration Date: 2011-02-27   10h19
Posted by ahuillet
Is that still accurate?
Author: tracker_migration Date: 2011-02-27   10h34
Posted by matthiaskrgr
Yep, the bug still exists.
revision 4064
Author: tracker_migration Date: 2011-03-21   13h46
Posted by fluzz
I remember such a visual bug. It's due to a z-ordering issue, which gives the impression that the sword is wrongly turned.
So, that's a work for our graphics department...
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