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Submitted on 2011-07-24 19h07 by tracker_migration, last changed by ahuillet.

Author: tracker_migration Date: 2009-01-17   04h55
Submitted by stedevil
Since FDRPG is based on a base layout of 640x480px and then scaled from there to the chosen resolution, we have a lot of small alignment problems here and there. This stems from the bad practice of aligning things according to the "Distance from reference to top left corner of image" principle. 

This leads that that as soon as you have 2 items of different size things start to get out of alignment from each other. Also it makes it a real PIA to modify and add things to the GUI that should work well at all imaginable resolutions. 

A much smarter way to place something (eg a button) in the GUI would be to place it according to "Distance from reference to center of image". This would keep keep images correctly placed relative each other, whatever the resolution.
Author: tracker_migration Date: 2010-01-24   22h31
Posted by stedevil
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Author: tracker_migration Date: 2010-02-01   00h05
Posted by stedevil
Another related issue that essentially depends on this
Author: tracker_migration Date: 2010-02-23   12h39
Posted by stedevil
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Author: tracker_migration Date: 2011-03-21   08h33
Posted by ahuillet
Should be part of a wider "UI redesign" project. We shouldn't be scaling things anyway!
Author: salimiles Date: 2011-10-27   19h21
Wasn't this addressed by the stuff Catalin did this last summer?

If not, I propose we move this out of "important" as I don't see this as
something to address before our 0.15 release.
Author: ahuillet Date: 2011-10-27   19h24
It was addressed but hasn't been properly tested on non 4:3 screens and as such
requires some confirmation that it's all OK. :)
Author: hail Date: 2011-10-28   07h14
I run a 1366x768 screen. UI looks great now after the changes. No noticeable 
Author: fluzz Date: 2011-10-28   07h17
On 10/28/2011 09:14 AM, Bryan C - Roundup wrote:
> Bryan C<>  added the comment:
> I run a 1366x768 screen. UI looks great now after the changes. No noticeable
> distortions.

Yes, but not all UI screens have been converted (shop and dialogs, for
Author: hail Date: 2011-10-30   19h16
Indeed. I see this being a serious impediment to the next release.
Author: hail Date: 2011-10-31   19h13
Guess I'll pony up for this one.
Author: fluzz Date: 2011-11-04   18h44
Changing all user-interfaces to use the new GUI system written by catalinb
during last GSOC will take a rather long time. I will continue catalinb's work
during the next months, and rework the user interfaces one at a time. So this
release will 'only' contain those already adapted.
Author: ahuillet Date: 2011-11-23   08h20
As discussed with fluzz this will not be doable for .15 unfortunately.
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