Title ALERT! Ran out of space in the dynamic wav sample cache!
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Submitted on 2011-09-10 14h57 by gorgonz, last changed by ahuillet.

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Author: gorgonz Date: 2011-09-10   14h57
location: machine deck upper catacombs in a storage room

linarian was still moving and i clicked an object to pick it up. then
freedroidrpg crashed. added the console messsages, that are there so far to an
attached file.

i had this problem a few times now and all cases have it in common, that i
played for a longer time (more then 30 minutes)
Author: gorgonz Date: 2011-09-10   15h00
sorry, forgot to mention that it is an svn version, that i loaded and compiled
about 3 days ago
Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2011-09-10   15h08
Mmh, thanks for the report!

I'm not sure if this is very important or not important at all, but how much RAM
do you have in your computer?
Author: gorgonz Date: 2011-09-10   23h30
My env is
- OpenSUSE 11.4 (64bit)
- RAM is 8GB, which is a lot ;-)

hint: there has been a mail to A. Huillet already, where i described the crash
before this one. Now i had it again. maybe you can find something in the second
attachment, because i used "debug=1"
Author: gorgonz Date: 2011-09-10   23h36
last actions were:
- secret research center
- talking to SADD
- the moment he turned to hostile
- and i clicked at him
Author: ahuillet Date: 2011-09-11   08h38
Joseph, did you not make modifications in the area of sound loading, or is it my
memory failing me?
Author: joseph Date: 2011-09-11   08h55
I made some modifications in sound code but it was about sound channels
allocation. Sound channels and WAV sample cache are different things.
Author: joseph Date: 2011-09-11   18h05
Patch at Review Request 1506
Author: gorgonz Date: 2011-09-12   16h44
i could do some testing, but this patch did not yet arrive at subversion
(r5035). It would be ok also just to send me the changed files or is it only
sound.c as in the link to 1506?
Author: ahuillet Date: 2011-09-12   16h51
You can grab the patch at Review Request 1506 and apply it on top of latest SVN.
Author: joseph Date: 2011-09-12   16h52
You can download the patch from Review Board and apply it to your working copy.
In the repository root directory invoke the following command and recompile the
game: curl | patch -p1
Author: gorgonz Date: 2011-09-13   21h26
just in between: installed patched version, now i need time to play again longer ;-)
Author: gorgonz Date: 2011-09-17   19h09
hi joseph, played two times for longer then 30 minutes and no exception happens.
=> your patch works, thx a lot :-)
Author: ahuillet Date: 2011-09-18   08h16
Committed as r5036

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