Title WEBSITE: Broken link to ReviewBoard
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Submitted on 2011-10-27 09h02 by Robr3rd, last changed by ahuillet.

Author: Robr3rd Date: 2011-10-27   09h02
On the page under "How to 
contribute" -> "Our tools and workflow" -> "Review Board" (those are the 
headers), the link to the ReviewBoard is https://*. This gives a security 
certificate warning. Once this is accepted, it brings the user to a "Forbidden 
access" page (the one about accessing root (/) on the server). Simply 
backspacing the "s" in the protocol type solves the problem, and ReviewBoard 
loads as usual.

Obviously the solution to this is to simply edit the href to no longer include 
the "s" in the protocol "https://".

-Marked as important because it makes it harder for potential new contributors 
to, well, contribute.

-Is this the best method to bring up issues regarding the website, or is this 
pretty much reserved only for the game?
Author: ahuillet Date: 2011-10-27   09h08

thanks for the reporting the issue. It's the right place and right priority. 
I've fixed it now.
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