Title Update Screenshots on Sourceforge Page to 0.15
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Submitted on 2011-12-10 21h49 by salimiles, last changed by fluzz.

Author: salimiles Date: 2011-12-10   21h49
The screenshots on the sourceforge page date from the 0.13 release two years
ago. Significant changes have been made since them the UI and game graphics.
Before 0.15 final is released, these need to be replaced with screenshots that
show how the game currently looks.

Additionally the screenshots located at should also be updated.

(Marking as *important* as this needs to happen before 0.15 final.)
Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2011-12-23   10h24
Looks like I didn't have the SF rights to change screenshots.
Ahuillet, help!
Author: ahuillet Date: 2011-12-23   12h16
You should have access now.
Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2011-12-23   12h37
Mmmh, I tried to follow , but I don't
find any "Project Admin" item to click on.
Author: jesusalva Date: 2014-01-20   17h19
Well, these screenshots still outdated.
Them aren't even from FD 0.14. If us are thinking of making a new release, new
screenshots may be useful.

PS. One of screenshot's idea is marketing. Poor screenshots thwart the audience.
Good or Excelent screenshots attract the audience.
The screenshots must be good, because "an image worth more than a thousand of
words". The potential player tends to pay much more attention to the image
rather than the text.

Plus, a dialog screenshot is from Francis, while he is talking about Linarians.
But us removed it from Francis and added to Chandra. So this might be updated.
Author: digifuzzy Date: 2014-12-30   02h56
Found this page:
Author: fluzz Date: 2014-12-30   14h44
Thx for your proposal.
Let Matthias and Infrared decide which images to update.
Author: digifuzzy Date: 2015-04-29   20h43
4 we have a status update?
Author: fluzz Date: 2015-04-30   08h51
Scott, thx for the screen-shots. I'll push them on sourceforge.
Author: fluzz Date: 2015-04-30   09h00
Mhhh... Scott[digifuzzy], may I request you to redo those screenshots, but with
the game started in a lower resolution ? Characters are a bit too small on the
screenshots that you attached. Thx.
Author: digifuzzy Date: 2015-05-05   00h45
Lost original file uploads.
Author: fluzz Date: 2015-07-30   21h55
We are migrating out of sourceforge, so there is no more need for this update.
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