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Submitted on 2012-04-15 08h02 by crashboy, last changed by matthiaskrgr.

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Author: crashboy Date: 2012-04-15   08h02
As You can see when using my save files, neither the penguin nor the bots can
move (all the bots have been ordered to "follow me").

Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2012-04-15   09h08
Behind the counters with the chair (next to the guns), there should be an allied
bot. Talk to it.


It'll ask you for a certificate which you can get solving a quest for a guy in a
cave with the entrance east of the factory entrance.

Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2012-04-15   09h10
Oh, sorry, wrong ticket.. :)
Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2012-04-15   09h23
Hmm, when I load the savegame using 0.14.1, I can move around without problems.
In case Tux is stuck somehow, you can open the level editor using ctrl+alt+e and
move tux somewhere else ([Esc] -> Return to Game   to resume playing).

Anyway, you seem to be using the 0.14 release which is more one and a half years
old by now.
You should consider updating to 0.15.1 ;) (savegames are not compatible however).
Author: crashboy Date: 2012-04-16   16h07
No, I'm running 0.15.1, and not only the penguin, but also the bots are sticking :-(
Author: ahuillet Date: 2012-04-17   06h52
You aren't running 0.15.1, I don't think so... I can't load your savegame in .15.1.
Author: crashboy Date: 2012-04-18   16h23
No, I'm running 0.15.1 - but I accidently copied the saves from an older
installation. Didn't notice, that location of save files has changed, sorry for
the inconvinience.

Author: crashboy Date: 2012-04-18   16h25
Ah, another problem - I've already given up the bots and played further, so new
savegame is useless :-(
Author: crashboy Date: 2012-04-18   16h56
Well, this time the bots cannot move (the firedevils and the sawmill near the
magenta tube in the lower right corner).

Author: crashboy Date: 2012-04-18   17h17
And here the penguin cannot move any more ...

Author: ahuillet Date: 2012-04-18   19h43
Screenshot of the problem attached.

I am not sure what we should do - thanks a lot for the report, it's clearly a
big problem.
Author: ahuillet Date: 2012-04-18   19h44
By the way - you're not stuck, you can kill your own bots with "halt and catch
fire" in the dialog. So it's not a blocker, hence priority -> "important" and
not "critical".
Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2012-08-03   14h05
I assume that tux is in the gap between the bots.
You can just tell your bots to move around freely and they should sooner or
later move away from you, so you don't even need to kill them, so this might be
a PEBCAK case. :P
Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2013-02-08   14h14
Closing. You can blow up the bots manually to walk again if everything else fails.
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