Title arena does not work if bots are hacked
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Submitted on 2014-07-28 18h36 by matthiaskrgr, last changed by matthiaskrgr.

Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2014-07-28   18h36
When the bots in the arena are hacked, neither hacking then, nor'ing them
afterwards gets you to the next wave.
Unfortunately I didn't catch this when playtesting the patches.

I guess that the faction-death trigger needs to be checked as well when hacking
an enemy.

Found by Kibergus; reported via irc.
Author: Xenux Date: 2014-08-07   11h48
Author: TheJH Date: 2014-09-11   16h54
Same issue with the HF-EntranceBot.
Author: jesusalva Date: 2014-09-15   21h45
...I thought that we checked if HF-EntranceBot was dead or not to open the
gate... Plus, that's a friendly robot. How can you hack it? ...Are we talking
about the same bot? I'm talking about the one on the reception front.
Author: digifuzzy Date: 2015-04-13   11h50
I think this bug can be closed - the original issue identified by the OP was
corrected. The HF-EntranceBot is another matter entirely and should be a
separate bug if still applicable.
Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2015-06-08   09h25
Pushed as bea8fbf38664d8ecbf4c236c5fd3697df28311b1 . Thanks!
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