Title Program/spell "use weapon" not working any more
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Submitted on 2014-10-31 22h22 by Christoph, last changed by fluzz.

Author: Christoph Date: 2014-10-31   22h22
Selecting "use weapon" used to enable Tux to right click with the mouse on an
obstacle to hit it. This does not work any more: nothing happens instead.
Author: jesusalva Date: 2014-11-02   18h59
You can just click on the obstacle to break it now.
But it should work nonetheless. It's just... hard to get working. I struggle a
lot to break something w/ the skill. :P
Author: Christoph Date: 2014-11-03   19h01
In the past, you could break certain normally unbreakable obstacles with it,
clearing the way to some places. It used to cause a weapon-use animation even in
thin air, and now seems to do nothing. To open all containers in the storage
area in front of the MS office building is now much more difficult. Found
objects can land in almost inaccessible places.
Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2014-11-03   21h18
This also kinda breaks gun usage..  urgh, why  didn't I see this before...
Author: fluzz Date: 2014-12-09   13h25
Fixed with commits 9a8043d3be15 and 707160571431, but I keep that ticket open,
because targeting has to be improved (I'm working on it).
Author: fluzz Date: 2014-12-13   16h47
Better targeting is on
Waiting for approval.
Author: fluzz Date: 2015-01-04   14h33
RR2137 was pushed. So closing this ticket.
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