Title Random bot names wrong in german language
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Submitted on 2014-11-03 15h08 by Christoph, last changed by jesusalva.

Author: Christoph Date: 2014-11-03   15h08
You CANNOT choose adjectives and animal names randomly independent from each
other in the german language. The adjective's ending depends on the grammatical
gender (male, female, neutral) of the noun.
male: Fluffy Hedgehog => Flauschiger Igel
female: Fluffy Pigeon => Flauschige Taube
neutral: Fluffy Pig => Flauschiges Schwein
adjective without noun (answer to the question: "How is the animal?") => flauschig
It is therefore not possible to translate the words individually, and store them
in independent tables to randomly pick an arbitrary pair from. For german
speakers this sounds and looks really ugly, and isn't a minor issue. Arthur
should have similar issues in french, where two genders with different endings
exist, and the preferred order of adjective and noun is often reversed compared
to english and german.
Vielleicht macht sich jemand mit Deutschkenntnissen mal Gedanken darüber?
Author: jesusalva Date: 2016-08-10   13h44
Well, in such languages, an option is a non literal translation...
For example, let's do everything “neutral”. So we replace 'Pig' and 'Hedgehog'
by words which are 'neutral'.

And hey, in portuguese, if I recall correctly (I probably don't), I had to
switch because we place substantive first and adjective later...

Also, you don't need to use animals and adjectives... If it'll look too awkward
in your language, replace it by something else... This is what I think, as pt-BR
team manager.
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