Title Respawn error using cheat mode
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Submitted on 2015-06-18 14h15 by digifuzzy, last changed by digifuzzy.

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Author: digifuzzy Date: 2015-06-18   14h15
Version: 0.15-1509-gbea8fbf_mod.

Bug found during testing git version and using cheat keys.
At start - level 12, [melee, ranged, programming] skills at "cheater" level
Respawned level using [L CTRL][L ALT][L SHIFT][R]

Invanding bot replaced with autogun

Respawning level again still produces autogun but with reduced health.

Attached TESTME.shp.
Author: digifuzzy Date: 2015-06-18   14h17
Attaching save game and ship files.
Unable to revert autogun to invader bot without resorting to editing.
Author: digifuzzy Date: 2015-06-18   14h23
Possible corrupt save/ship file. "TestMe" character created under previous git
version. Unable to reproduce conditions on fresh start and new character.
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