Title too-small resolution shown in menu
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Submitted on 2015-10-08 22h27 by matthiaskrgr, last changed by jesusalva.

Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2015-10-08   22h27
the resolution menu suggests 640*360 px as a resolution, but when I select it
and try to play, the game crashes

FreedroidRPG 0.16rc2-3-g72d74df encountered a problem in function:
The following tile set cannot be loaded: widgets/quest.
(minimum required widget size: 327 x 387 - available widget size: 253 x 300)

You need to run the game in a higher resolution mode

Can we somehow hide resolutions that we know will be broken anyway?
Author: fluzz Date: 2015-11-24   18h00
Lowest resolution in the listing is 640x480.
So, was this issue already fixed ?
Author: fluzz Date: 2015-11-25   18h59
Ah sorry. You mentioned the 'menu', not the output from '-r 99' cmdline.
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