Title Songs not canceling after exiting a menu
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Submitted on 2015-10-21 12h29 by sydneyjd, last changed by fluzz.

Author: sydneyjd Date: 2015-10-21   12h29
Hello all,
Im testing Freedroid with the latest git pull, and im not sure if this is a bug
or not, but I thought I should bring it up just in case.
So i run freedroid, then when the main menu comes up i click on "credits" or
"contribute", and with either selection the music changes, but if i exit either
of them or wait for them to exit theirself and go back to the main menu, the
music from them keeps playing instead of switching back to menu.ogg right away.

Just thought i would bring it up.

-Sydney (head8debian)
Author: fluzz Date: 2015-11-01   17h15
Not a code's bug in itself, but a misbehavior.
Should be fix by adding a background music stack, pushing onto that stack when
opening a title screen, and popping when closing it.
Author: jesusalva Date: 2017-03-14   15h58
Michael Monty did a patch for this:
Author: fluzz Date: 2017-05-07   16h50
Pushed a simple fix in commit c4580c1.
It does not use a stack, but simply store the currently played background music
before to play the title screen, and switch back to that music when the title
screen is closed.
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