Title The only item Cerebrum drops is iron pipe
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Submitted on 2015-11-14 12h18 by Apten, last changed by fluzz.

Author: Apten Date: 2015-11-14   12h18
src/luaconfig.c, line 1115:
-- for (cc = item->min_drop_class; cc < item->max_drop_class; cc++) {
++ for (cc = item->min_drop_class; cc <= item->max_drop_class; cc++) {

The loop left off the last drop class (or all drop classes if the item was only 
in one). Although this changes all droids and droppable items, it really stood 
out for Cerebrum, as there were no items in drop class 9. The problem is/was 
also in git on 2015-11-14.
Author: fluzz Date: 2015-11-22   19h40
Pushed in commit 90fc975

Thx for the patch.
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