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Linked issues [SIGSEGV] Crash when handling inventory
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Author: frsfnrrg Date: 2017-11-18   23h50
A lot of the not-fun time of Freedroid is spent trying to pick up the
credits and bot parts that combat and barrel-smashing provide. This 
often gets annoying when there's large unwanted items (i.e., extra boots)
above the desired items. I propose an optional automatic pickup mechanism for 
those minor collectibles.

Attached is a patch that implements the core idea. However, I'm fairly certain
it induces a bug somewhere else. (Also: formatting & naming are likely a bit off
scheme, so the change will likely need to be fully rewritten.

I probably won't check up on this issue.

Attached patch.
Author: jesusalva Date: 2017-11-19   00h13
Please submit your patches via ReviewBoard

Instructions about submitting there can be found at

It's much easier to review that way :P

As a patch is provided, updating priority to "feature".
Thanks for your work.

Author: jesusalva Date: 2017-11-29   04h57
Noted that it only picks circuits and stackable items, 'refilling' the inv.

For peace of mind, maybe only picking up circuits and ignoring all items is a
better approach. Then the label would be "auto-pick circuits".
After all, a slowdown was also noticed during playtest. 

Unrelated note: A SIGSEGV was also reported but I had multiple patches attached
and it is not possible to determine the reason. (I got rather used to receiving
random crashes with no explanation or whatsoever.)
No other bug was found.
Author: jesusalva Date: 2017-12-23   18h16
Author: jesusalva Date: 2018-03-01   00h43
Introduces sigsegv and is orphan, automatically rejecting it, and liking to crash 
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