Title Game crashes when attempting to teleport at dead NPC
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Submitted on 2018-10-21 21h27 by temporary, last changed by jesusalva.

Author: temporary Date: 2018-10-21   21h27
Game crashes if any NPC who must teleport after HF quest is dead.
Author: jesusalva Date: 2018-12-07   03h00
Fixed with a simple check. Teleport looks for NPC on alive list, but as they are

Note that Spencer death will still crash the game (Uh, it is a little worse than
just unwinnable apparently).

I think the game shouldn't crash when it looks to teleport a NPC and doesn't
finds it on alive list, but only on dead list. It should report the unhandled
exception, and perhaps even show a console message “attempted to teleport a dead
NPC” yadda yadda “game may be unwinnable or have broken storyline”.

That's why I'm assigning fluzz, moving priority, and renaming title to be more
clear. (And removing keywords)
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