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Submitted on 2019-06-29 20h13 by LotBlind, last changed by LotBlind.

Author: LotBlind Date: 2019-06-29   20h13
Hacking currently mostly consists of trivial wins and trivial draws. The first
idea I got for fixing it is vaguely making there be one less node (and one or
all of them start neutral) so it's impossible to draw, or less likely. This
probably isn't enough, though. Aside from recognizing if one side has more
useful doublers than the other, and avoiding stuff like "subversion"
interrupters or whatever they're called (that change the color to the opposite
one, it's just too simplistic. This is based on hacking maybe a hundred robots
without getting any upgrades (but I imagine you just get more cores to work
with? doesn't change anything...).

It's pretty clear the following changes won't save it from being kinda dull
(though a good attempt at something original I guess), but I'll list them anyway.

It should be possible to abort the hacking after you've checked a robot's
information, incl. how many cores they have. Can't make informed decisions
otherwise. Also removing the "X" and replacing it with unambiguous "HACK" and
"ABORT" signs would be good. Not logical that the "X" leads into the hacking.

After all cores have been used, the game should automatically resolve. Even
after just the robot has used all its cores, if you're winning, it might be
better if it resolved automatically.

It should be clearer which node you have selected. Currently it's only visually
indicated by a very small arrow on the far left (where the core icons are as
well). This is inadequate since the player is likely to be looking towards the
center of the screen to try to see which nodes they can toggle. It has caused me
to choose the wrong node by accident more than once. Maybe the entire length of
the conduit should be highlighted? Or the center nodes that will be affected should?
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