Title The map can't possibly be locked behind that one guy...
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Submitted on 2019-07-14 10h27 by LotBlind, last changed by LotBlind.

Author: LotBlind Date: 2019-07-14   10h27
So if you piss that one guy off, you can't get a minimap? You've locked a basic part of the UI behind a conversation tree that you can get wrong? His dialogue even makes him sound suspicious. I honestly can't see this as a good idea. I mean the game world isn't so huge that I haven't been able to find my bearings but I mean... this is completely ridiculous.

You could probably even argue teleport beacons are a basic part of the experience. At least they're very useful in cutting on the backtracking (though that's not entirely critical in my current opinion having just reached the Red Fortress).
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