Title Don't respawn bots in KILL ALL type levels
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Submitted on 2019-07-14 11h17 by LotBlind, last changed by specing.

Author: LotBlind Date: 2019-07-14   11h17

If I leave and return, it shouldn't restock such places. It doesn't make much sense. If the point was to clear an area from bots, this is all in vain if more bots were just going to take it over anyway.
Author: specing Date: 2022-12-02   20h04
Which levels do you mean?

Warehouse level 1 has to be cleared for a brief time so the red guard can retrieve stuff.

Kevin's power supply level 2 just needs the maintenance bots reset, so they stop resetting his power supply.

To make bots no longer respawn, the level in levels.dat needs "environmental flags" ORed with 2. This is the NO_RESPAWN constant. Grep says that the level editor knows it, so it should be easy enough to do.
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