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Author: fluzz Date: 2019-08-13   09h29
[Note: this issue was reported on our ReviewBoard, by David <xy77> Rekowski. Here is the transcription]

In the menu and throughout the dialogs, Umlauts are shown as '"'.
See attachment. This is with the macOS version downloaded today.

----- Fluzz reply -----

David, I have no issue with umlauts. They are correctly displayed (at least on the main menu).

What version are you using ? Could you try the latest one, please (which is 1.0rc2) ?

----- Fluzz reply -----

Sorry. I did not pay enough attention to your "note to reviewers"...

Can you please confirm that you actually run a 1.0rc2 version ? (version is displayed at the bottom right of the starting screen).

If so, I'll have to check on a Mac, because I have no issue on Linux.

----- David reply -----

I can confirm this is indeed 1.0rc2. It seems likely this is an OS related issue.

Additional information: I tried to set the language and with system default it has the Umlaut issue, if I select German explicitly, it doesn't. Even more interesting, I tried to start from the command line to see some log and now the system default does show German with Umlauts. I'm not familiar with how the system default is communicated when starting an app as opposed to from the command line, it may differ slightly. I'd be happy to try a build with some debug. The system log does show some information, with regards to this issue the following is logged after switching between system default and german:

standard    17:22:56.107314 +0200   freedroidRPG    27366555: RECEIVED OUT-OF-SEQUENCE NOTIFICATION: 574 vs 578, 513, <private>
standard    17:23:02.029334 +0200   freedroidRPG    27366555: RECEIVED OUT-OF-SEQUENCE NOTIFICATION: 576 vs 580, 513, <private>
standard    17:23:15.898481 +0200   freedroidRPG    27366555: RECEIVED OUT-OF-SEQUENCE NOTIFICATION: 578 vs 582, 513, <private>
standard    17:23:25.202223 +0200   freedroidRPG    27366555: RECEIVED OUT-OF-SEQUENCE NOTIFICATION: 580 vs 584, 513, <private>

but it may be unrelated.
Author: fluzz Date: 2019-08-13   09h31
I finally was able to check the reported issue on a french MacOS (Mojave), and I have the very same problem.

So, I'll be able to debug it.
Author: fluzz Date: 2021-11-05   10h46
Fixed by commit ee60be922

The CoreFoundation API is now used to retrieved the system locale (if needed).
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