Title Add tooltips describing the stats in the character window
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Submitted on 2021-05-31 16h05 by NetSysFire, last changed by specing.

Author: NetSysFire Date: 2021-05-31   16h05
Some of the stats are not self-explanatory and a tooltip describing what they affect would be great.
E.g for cooling: "The higher the stats the faster you cool down".
Author: specing Date: 2022-12-02   19h39
Implementation idea 1: the elements of void ShowCharacterScreen(void) would have to be saved in a list of {text, x, y, width, height, tooltip_text} and then void HandleCharacterScreen(void) would have to go over that list, checking if mouse is over that text and displaying a tooltip if so.

Implementation idea 2: a text widget is added to the widgets library and each item gains a tooltip through that.

If anyone has a better idea...
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