Author fluzz
Date 2013-10-08.14:37:06
On 01/15/2013 07:11 PM, Matthias Krüger - Roundup wrote:
> New submission from Matthias Krüger <>:
> Big obstacles like bar counters are likely to cause z-ordering issues.
> We should be able to fix this by splitting up the  big obstacle into several
> smaller ones.

I now remember why we did not yet do it.
There are, in my opinion, 3 main reasons:

1) It will be hard to place/move a big split obstacle in the
    leveleditor, because our obstacle are not 'aligned' to floor tiles.
2) For the z-ordering issue to be fixed, the obstacle has to be split
    on floor tile borders. But, our obstacles are not 'aligned' to floor
    tiles. So a 'pre-split' part of a big obstacles could be on 2 floor
    tiles, leading to a potential z-ordering issue.
3) We will still have issues with obstacles with holes (such as the

So, splitting big obstacles would help a bit, but will not solve the 
issue, and will complicate level designers job...

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