Author jesusalva
Date 2014-01-13.14:01:50
Old Bug: This one is ancient. It was present at the first time when I played
this game. It still presents. Because one image worth more than a thousand of
words, I'm going to post here images to you understand the bug.

-> How I caused this to happen.

-> The result (node and bug message).

I want also report an error in level 29. It IS Important. I've asked Mike to
start the Novice arena, and, instead of walking to fight cage, I've walked to
exit from level 29. A few seconds later, I've returned. All bots of the novice
arena were there! This is a big error!
I also got the following error message a good amount of times:
"All waypoints on level 29 are forbidden for random bots. Something is wrong.
Forcing the bot to teleport to a forbidden waypoint."

However, I'm not 100% sure about the above bug, please test again. Thanks.
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