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Date 2014-01-14.14:57:31
* At Kevin's dialog: *Somehow* node30 disappeared! For some reason, node30
wasn't displayed after I finished Kevin's quest. I wonder why?
* At Kevin's dialog: I, instead of breaking the wall from outside, broke from
inside. Why Kevin didn't rushed to me?

* There is a lot of references on Spencer to "hack" and "take over" when, in
fact, you only need acess the terminal. I've noticed it at DSB series dialog.
* There is also a "simply destroying the droid might suffice", but destroying or
no the droid, hacking it or no, have no influence. You should is use the Terminal :P

* At Tania's return: After Tux talked to Spencer, and talked back to her to she
get checked by the Doc, There is the following sequence: 1- Tania 2- Pedragon 3-
Tania. This 3rd Tania shouldn't exist. Additionally, I've didn't found any
node99 or similar on this 3rd time.
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