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Date 2014-01-18.00:43:57
Bleh. the last one is not important. I've wrote just-in-case if someone get
confused, but I guess that no one read very well it :P

>>* At Kevin's dialog: *Somehow* node30 disappeared! For some reason, node30
wasn't displayed after I finished Kevin's quest. I wonder why?
>According to the code, it is unrelated to the quest. I think it is hidden if
you have the hacking ability maxed out?

My hacked skill didn't suffered any change :P
I'm not sure about this "bug". Maybe a bit more of test is all that I need to
know if this is a really a bug, or if something very strange is happening in my
computer :P I don't remember very well what I had done. Will try check it
tomorrow, and, maybe, I'll try inform if this "bug" persist, or if I made
something REALLY crazy and I don't remember :P Tomorrow...
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