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Date 2014-11-05.23:53:58
I had an idea. What if, instead of saying that we couldn't add a new obstacle
and quitting, we just refuse to add the obstacle and print it on console? We
should, however, see if the new obstacle is named. Named obstacles could cause

 > Are the randomly created bots also taken from a pre-created limited set, or
truly random? If the number of robots there can only increase, this will likely
lead to problems.

Hmm... New bots always follows patterns, hacked bots that were respawned don't.
By example, the only way to have a hostile 999 droid on Temple Wood is hacking
one and leaving it forgotten there. By default, only 123 and 139 will appear,
besides two 302.

Now, I'm not sure if hacked bots reviving are taken in consideration when
reviving. I remember some errors about running out of waypoints because it tried
to respawn *all* hacked bots, which came from other levels.

The problem is: The original idea was to prevent too many bots. Did it really
prevented this problem?
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