Author jesusalva
Date 2014-11-12.21:16:24
Those ARE bugs in my eyes:

2) Normal items (not just armour) can end up with better durability than "good
quality" or lesser durability than "bad quality" items when created.

1) Items dropped on the floor lose their "quality" if you save and reload. The
numbers do not change, but they become "normal". Things in Tux' inventory keep
the "quality".

Yes, those are bugs. Why? Did I said something wrong and you misinterpreted me? :P

> The player, however, won't read the code but probably believe that those
special items are somehow inherently better or worse than other items.

Possibly. I'm not sure about the usefulness of this at all. It wasn't there on
0.14.1 and I'm unsure if it was present on 0.15.1.
Well, if you can repair it, please consider submitting a patch at:
''. Remember to register first. :)
If you need help, the best place to ask is at IRC. I'll appoint you xenux and
fluzz, they will probably be able to help you (they're here longer than me, anyway)

> The patch for the "release blocker" is easy.

Please do the following steps to submitting a patch (it's easier for DEVs :) ):
1- Edit the code.
2- in your console type: "git diff filename.c > bugfix.patch"
Where 'filename.c' are the name of the files modified by you.
3- Register at and click at 'New Review Request'
4- Upload the 'bugfix.patch' file that git diff generated and fill the
formulary. This will take about 5 minutes. In 'reviewers' add group
"core_reviewers". :)
5- Submit your Review Request. Soon someone will check your file and it will be
shipped as soon that it's ready to ship. :)

> On the other hand, the quality issues cannot be repaired through patches
WITHOUT reclassifying anything, because there is no consistent definition of
"bad" and "good" in comparison to "normal" in the current code.

Well, fell free to reclassify they and submit a patch with the reclassification
explained. :) Your help balancing the game will be greatly appreciated. :)

> [...] before submitting patches according to my personal taste which would
then be postponed because they contain a mix of bug fixes and my own game
balance preferences.

In this case, first submit your suggestion of game balance. You can do this on
IRC but will be slow, or on Wiki but you would need the password. You can also
do it on review board as commented code.
If matthiaskrgr and fluzz ACKS your balance (say that it's fine), then it's the
official game balance and you can and should do your patches based on that
balance. It's now official!! :D
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