Author jesusalva
Date 2017-05-25.02:10:16
Could you send us the shp file, too?

By the way, if I understood correctly. 
For short, incompatible savegame, FDRPG 
tried to convert file so it could work, 
but as which is not guaranted, seems that 
FDRPG failed.

Oh well.
Unfortunately I am not a coder, and as 
all I see here is "Terminate()" so I 
literally cannot even explain exactly 
what went wrong. I can, however, think on 
what fluzz might ask for:

The output file (fdrpg_out.txt)
The .shp file

Sorry if I cannot be more helpful,
And I hope you enjoy our game 

Many changes were done in various aspects 
since 0.16.1, and many more will come. So 
why not start anew? :D

Game Content & Storyline
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