Author jesusalva
Date 2017-07-16.02:31:18
Let me add my useless comments.

He was at an advanced stage of the game. I can confirm he was attacking the HF,
just at entrance.
The bullets on backlog are on the southern shoreline (48), then at World's Edge
(45) - a small land bridge of no actual relevance, and finally the crash happens
at MS Office aka. Hell Fortress Entrance (31)

There's no message “Tux is stuck!” on these logs and no way to use -1 trick here.

For example, which building you entered? Did Spencer contacted you on HF? Had
you seen any friendly bots? Level 31 is not bland, you can use a lot of things
as reference. Also, just before the crash, had you used any skill or item, like
Sanctuary or Teleport Homing Beacon, for example? This is an error which should
definitely NOT happen, so we need a lot of information if we want to reproduce -
and fix - this error. :/
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