Author jesusalva
Date 2018-01-24.21:09:46
Some testing with printf's was done in order to understand better what is
causing the crash.

Here is a (formated) terminal output:

> show_current_text_banner() called. Plasma Transistor → Plasma Transistor
> show_current_text_banner() called. Plasma Transistor → Entropy Inverter
> show_current_text_banner() called. Entropy Inverter
> print_trace:  Obtained 9 stack frames.

Where → is a call to prepare_text_window_content.

On that specific case, the error happens at line 290 of hud.c: Commenting it
will provoke weird, unexpected behavior when switching items (eg. REQUERIMENTS
NOT MET being displayed with non-equippable items, game freezes for a couple of
seconds, etc.) but crash seems to be averted.

That is not a solution. This is all information I managed to gather to help 
solving this issue.
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