Author Snark
Date 2020-02-20.06:38:52
Oh, found the problem : if gawk isn't found, then the configure script still ends happily, so you can go on compiling ; but when you try to install, for the install target of freedroidRPG, then there's a problem because AWK=''. But that error doesn't make "make" unhappy either! So you end up with a failed install, even though there's no reported error. You have to check in the logs to find out about it.

For the Debian package, I'll apply change the following line:
AC_PATH_PROG([AWK], [gawk], [])    dnl GNU version of awk awk is needed in some po/ scripts

AC_PATH_PROGS([AWK], [gawk mawk], [])

I haven't seen the problem with mawk and the po/ scripts...
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