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Submitted on 2011-07-30 21h47 by matthiaskrgr, last changed by fluzz.

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Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2011-07-30   21h47
Editing (adding comments etc) an already existing RR, there is some double
linebreak which makes things look not-so good.

It would be better to handle the issue as padding via css if possible IMO.

Attached brbr.png.
Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2011-08-04   10h51
Looking at the form class that has been added, I think it has been added at the
wrong place. I don't know how to fix it the way it currently is.
Author: ahuillet Date: 2011-09-11   09h03
Can't you use class "second_comment_box" to add some top padding?
Author: fluzz Date: 2023-01-04   15h30
Too old, and not needed (RoundUp is to be replaced...)
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