Title Implement rb1613 using Widgets
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Linked issues cannot normally exit game after loading incompatible savegame, lvledit: save maps to ~/.freedroid_rpg/maps if no writing rights to /usr/share/freedroidRPG/maps/levels.dat, saveing: Allow the player to abort loading the savegame, or skip error messages, if there is an error with it
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Submitted on 2011-11-09 22h51 by salimiles, last changed by ahuillet.

Author: salimiles Date: 2011-11-09   22h51
A two (or more?) option pop-up window is needed to address a number of the
issues in the bug tracker. Some of the issues where this would be useful have
been linked.

I have written a patch (rb1613) which implements this, however the
implementation that I used followed the implementation of the alert_window().
And Arthur has requested this be done using Widgets, which is beyond what I can
easily do. Since this is a prerequisite for fully addressing some of these
issues, which have higher priority, I am tagging this at "bug" level.

Like the reference implementation (rb1613) it should accept at least a
description string, and a string for each of the options. It also needs to
support input from the mouse, keyboard, and joystick.


Improvements beyond the reference implementation (rb1613) which would be nice,
but not necessary:

Some way of allowing up between 0 (click through) to 5 options. If there was a 0
option, this could replace the current alert_window().

Also it would nice to have keyboard keys and joystick buttons user selectable
using something like what we have currently in src/keyboard.c .


Useful references for programming with SDL:
Author: ahuillet Date: 2011-11-12   11h29
This isn't a bug at all. Don't mistake "priority" field for an indication of priority: it really is an indication of the kind of ticket. Which does imply a natural order of priorities - but you can't make your ticket have a higher priority by tagging it as "bug" when it isn't.

The whole point of this setup is that people don't abuse the priority mechanism.
A. Huillet
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