Title shop: limit items we sell to npc
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Submitted on 2012-04-27 17h42 by matthiaskrgr, last changed by jesusalva.

Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2012-04-27   17h42
It is possible to sell items to vending machines.
Selling weapons to Docmoore doesn't seem to be very authentic either imo.
Author: ahuillet Date: 2012-04-29   08h54
My suggestion would be to limit the items you can sell to those that are in the shoplist of the NPC (ie. those items that the NPC may have in his inventory).
The problem is that for "makeshift" objects such as a table leg (which no NPC is ever going to sell), it will make it unsellable.. which isn't stupid, but will seriously alter the balance.
Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2012-04-29   09h07
You wont be able to sell bot parts (we use to make item addons out of) then but
they are actually  quite nice form of income.

We should not be able to sell anything to a vending machine imo.

Other example: stone.  Since stona already sells some nice variety of items
(boots, weapons, shields) I do not have any problem with her also buying drinks
or books or addons.

As Xenux suggested on irc, it may be better to group items and specify groups to
a shopkeeper.
Author: Xenux Date: 2012-04-29   19h41
To develop my solution, I think to add tags to item (book, weapon, laser,
medical etc...). Item may have one or more tags. Some tag are deducted of item
specs (Ex. weapon).

A shopkeeper can authorize to sell or repair only item with a specific tag.
Author: salimiles Date: 2012-05-05   16h20
^👍 I like Xenux's idea.
Author: salimiles Date: 2012-05-05   16h26
Almost a verbatim copy of issue 342.
Author: jesusalva Date: 2017-03-14   15h44
This is
Patch by xenux
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