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Author: matthiaskrgr Date: 2015-01-10   22h53
there have been several people having difficulties to find the HF gate access

We might want to have a second terminal obstacle with different color or shape
(or make it animated very slowly and the screen blink a bit) to make it more
obvious that this terminal is something special.
Author: fluzz Date: 2015-01-12   13h23
Adding an animation will need more work than "just" creating a terminal with a
different color. Can it be done with gimp ?
Author: fluzz Date: 2015-01-12   13h31
One example of what could be done wit gimp, attached.
But it would definitely be better if infrared could work on it.
Author: fluzz Date: 2015-03-10   18h30
Infrared, could you please work on this and provide an other terminal ?
Author: jesusalva Date: 2015-03-12   01h40
This is good, we have tons of terminalsveverywhere and only a few actually 
does something.
I was thinking in adding, like, a MS logo on the screen or some minor but 
visible detail.
Author: digifuzzy Date: 2015-04-29   20h43
We can't use another companies logo (unless licensed or paid advertising).
I agree with the original idea of the bug. Does this HAVE TO BE a
release-blocker? Can this be post 0.16?
Author: fluzz Date: 2015-04-30   08h49
infrared is currently designing a new obstacle.
So it's worth waiting a couple of days, even if that's definitely not a
Author: infrared Date: 2015-05-18   01h59
A secure terminal was introduced in commit 05ee4e103460 and is used in the HF.
It is more robust-looking, has a slightly different color scheme, and is animated.
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