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Author: digifuzzy Date: 2015-09-01   20h40
Game version: 0.16rc1-9-g45cfc2c
Game startup fine.
Seems like dialog is being skipped (missing comments about "fire...meteors").
Receive data cube.
Go talk with 614.
Go back to talk w/ Francis
Dialog resumes at the start with question about bot being defeated.
Working through dialog and accept cube.
Console error below reported.

<red text here>
	Tried to assign already assigned quest!
	We will continue execution, quest is:
FreedroidRPG 0.16rc1-9-g45cfc2c encountered a problem in function:
Error running Lua code: ./dialogs/Francis.lua:357: attempt to compare number
with nil.
Erroneous LuaCode={
356  		code = function()
<red text here>
>357 			if (Francis_help > 0) then
358  				Npc:says(_"Oh... I almost forgot... This is a small help but I hope it
will make your life a little easier.")
359  				Tux:add_gold(Francis_help)
360  			end
361  			Npc:says(_"Remember not to veer too far off the path, or your quest
could be over before it begins.")
362  			end_dialog()
363  		end,

If you encounter this message, please inform the FreedroidRPG developers about it!
You can
  send an e-mail to                    freedroid-discussion AT
  mention it on our IRC channel        #freedroid on
  or report the bug on our tracker at

Thank you!
Author: digifuzzy Date: 2015-09-01   20h55
FDDNM for Francis.lua shows break at node 0 to end_dialog.
Suspect logic problem in detecting bot state.

Attached Francis.png.
Author: digifuzzy Date: 2015-09-01   23h02
Weird. Discuss on IRC. Issue did not reoccur.
Only difference between situations is:
git clean -dfx
make clean

Not sure what to make of other changes (system or repo) performed.
Closing but mindful if reoccurs.
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