Title Traps at HFF should not trigger infinitely
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Submitted on 2017-03-16 15h52 by jesusalva, last changed by jesusalva.

Author: jesusalva Date: 2017-03-16   15h52
This is, by far, the most prioritary 
issue which I wrote on my notepad. Not 
only that, but multiple players 
complained about that as well, and it 
represents major problems with respawn 
and Firmware upgrade 

How do MS can spawn INFINITE droids on 
traps? What when you accidentaly step 
again on the same trap trying to dodge an 
attack? Hey, FDRPG uses a Desticional 
movement, to such traps make sense it 
would need to be Directional!!

..,not only that, it may make level 59 
uncrossable later. If that is not enough, 
you will lose view of ground as dead 
carcasses pile up, which leds to 
triggering more traps, and we have a 

Besides, this can severely increase 
memory usage as a dead body is still a 
deoid. And we can spawn infinite droids, 
that is, until you, your memory, your 
char or FDRPG dies, whatever comes first.

For those reasons, this is a release 
blocker issue and ignoring it is simply 
not viable for next release.

Suggestion: Trigger only once.
Author: fluzz Date: 2017-04-28   07h12
Commits 79117d56, a2dd14f6 and d665a9f0 add the ability to enable/disable an
event trigger (from C code and a Lua code), and save its state in the savegame.

A new 'Single activation=1' attribute can be added to a trigger definition (in
events.dat). When that attribute is set, the trigger is automatically disabled
after its first activation.

HFF traps can now be rewritten to use that attribute, to fix and close this ticket.
Author: jesusalva Date: 2017-04-30   15h07
Pushed in commit 83bde173a9671a76b9d60b7fb6fd73387232b19d
commit d7c14c9cb254b4afeec4127e3d9629c11090dd69 disables when faulty firmware is 

Marking as resolved.
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