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Submitted on 2019-06-29 19h55 by LotBlind, last changed by LotBlind.

Author: LotBlind Date: 2019-06-29   19h55
The mouse-based movement is kind of clunky (if you use continuous mouse-pressing
at least) since if the pathfinding algorithm can't find a path, you won't move
at all. Solution: in such situations, make Tux move in a straight line towards
the target position. If they hit a wall, it might be best if they slid parallel
to it at full speed.

Keyboard bind movement is very clunky as well. Ideally should move continuously
and the directions should be rotated to account for the twisted camera view.
Currently e.g. down moves you down and left.
Author: LotBlind Date: 2019-07-14   10h19
The automatic pathfinding can even become a pain. This is apparent in the first level of the dungeon where you go past where the hacker lives (near a lawnmower bot). Going back inside the corridor from the last room to the North-West is really difficult since unless you click exactly inside the narrow corridor, it'll try to take you to the other half of the room instead. This is difficult to address I suppose, short of modifying the architecture. You could try using some modifier key or other key to skip the pathfinding and just move directly forwards. I still don't think this alone would be the best solution to the original problem.
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