Author jesusalva
Date 2014-11-12.21:00:57
> Must every character to be used in dialogues be allowed or its usage made
possible specifically? Why?
We use bitmap fonts, not True Type Format, that you're probably used. So, to
support a new character, someone needs to drawn it.

> Do the translating teams read the bug descriptions here?
Specifically I don't think so, this is a tool for DEVs. But most of translators
are DEVs as well. By example, I'm pt_BR translation coordinator.
Matthiaskrgr and Xenux may eventually see this and fix, although if the problem
is a single string, you can by yourself fix it.

> I'm not keen on finding out how to contact the correct people
Oh, that's fairly easy. Just enter on the IRC and mark the channel operators
(matthiaskrgr and fluzz). They will be able to redirect the issue.

But for this game Matthias Kr├╝eger (aka. matthiaskrgr) is the responsible for
bug tracking and fixing. Fluzz and xenux edits C, scottfurry or digifuzzy edits
Lua like fluzz. GiBy is responsible for translation.

You can also join on IRC network, say 'hi' and ask if someone can help you. It
may take some time util anyone notice so patience. :)

> resolving "not my type of problem" rejections for every problem I see in the game
Uhh... When this happens, you're supposed to redirect the person to who can fix
that, right? 
By example, I cannot solve this issue if it's translation-related (but if the
problem is just the double quote usage I can), but I can redirect you to
matthiaskrgr and giby. :)
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